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How to Help



By far the #1 way for you to help me is through word of mouth. Tell one other person you know about me. Or even better ten.


After school, or after Mass, are great times to (re)connect with people you know, as we come back together after the pandemic.



If you have school aged children, and are not wealthy, please keep your money for them and their needs and future education. They probably need it more than I do.

If you would still like to donate to my campaign, thank you.

a) You can send an Interac e-Transfer to my

email address:

If you've never sent an e-Transfer before, just log into your bank account online and look for the appropriate section. It's very fast and easy. When completing the e-Transfer you will need to create a security question and email me the answer.


b) You can write a personal cheque to "Campaign of Conrad Stanley". If you'd like to do this, send me an email and I will drive over and pick it up in person.

A few more quick things to remember for any donation:

-I will need your name and mailing address for my election account records, as required by the Municipal Act


-You must be a resident of the province of Ontario


-The Municipal Act limits donations from any one individual to $1200 maximum


-Municipal election donations are not eligible for tax credits


And last but not least of course...


“Hope is Kindled”
— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King

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